Jackson's Cleaning Service, LLC

Bethlehem Commercial Cleaning, Office Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning
License Number: 13vh07271200


Making the decision to hire someone to help clean my house was very easy, not knowing how long it would take me to find someone good and reliable. It was very easy Dene Jackson cleaning service is the best I have used. They are very efficient and do not rush the job that they have to do. Their prices are very reasonable. I would recommend them as a cleaning service to all my friends and relatives. Mary O.

When I contacted Jackson's Cleaning Services. I had nothing but a good experience specially being my first time ever seeking help from a cleaning service,, I had a very bad grease spill in my stove that sat for a minute, always putting it off due to never having time. Derek saved me. and did a out -standing job. The charge was fair and they was professional from beginning to end. Talethba M.

Its my pleasure to report Jackson's Cleaning Service was a wonderful experience. I would be happy to extend my recommendations to friends and family. He was affordable, reliable, capable, and accomplished the task in a timely fashion. I'm looking forward to using your services again soon and thanks for all your help! Christina